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Designer Mike Brown of Lot71 creates a dynamic visual experience reminiscent of a Venetian sculpture garden in a narrow hallway and backroom at the Bulgari flagship store in Manhattan.  I was also hired to photograph the displays…(Read More)

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Another fun hospitality project.  This Marriott is located across from the newly built Convention Center and shares an underground connection tunnel for convenience.  The bar photo is a actually a stitch of three exposures to give the equivalent of a wide-angle 20mm lens (on a 35m camera).  All images photographed with Hasselblad 39mp digital…(Read More)

  This image was commissioned by Schindler Elevator Company for their 2009 annual report.  If it were possible to stop all the elevators, we would have, but this was logistically impossible given the flow of people in the busy New York City hotel. I therefore photographed each elevator car in as many positions as possible…(Read More)

This project was photographed in July of 2009 for architect Robert Oshatz.  Located in Pacific City, Oregon, this summer residence stands apart within this small beach community.  The front porch area can glide out to accommodate larger groups of people and the large glass windows inside double as stereo speakers.  Robert, who lives and works…(Read More)