Cameron R Neilson is an architecture and interiors photographer based in New York City.  He has worked with many talented architects and interior designers and is known for clean composition, careful lighting, and compelling photographs.  Please view portfolios of residential, commercial, hospitality, installations, or personal work from the portfolio tab above.

Cameron Neilson started his photography career at an early age in Portland, Oregon, watching his dad make prints in a home color darkroom. By the age of ten Neilson was processing his own film and making prints. Early in his freelance career, Neilson learned the intricacies of portrait, fashion, and product photography. After college, Neilson moved to Jackson Hole, WY where his commercial work gained global recognition in architecture photography.  In 2008, Neilson moved his photography studio to New York.  Neilson continues to  focus on architecture and commercial photography and pursues an architectural fine art photography series titled Straight Up.

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